Check-in: Your arrival can take place from 4 pm onwards.

Check-out: In order to prepare Casa Mango for the guests following you, we would like to ask you to leave before 10 am on your departure day. Please ask us if you want to leave later than 10 am. Should Casa Mango not be occupied again on your day of departure, we will try to make this possible for you.

Electric: The electrical fuses are located behind the large picture on the outside wall to the patio and passage to the guest shower in the kitchen area.

Irrigation: Casa Mango has an automatic garden irrigation system and the plants like it when it is not blocked.

Heating: In Lanzarote there are few cold nights. But in winter it can happen that it gets a bit cooler. Therefore you will find blankets and a heater in the cupboards to bridge this short period of colder nights.

Maintenance: Something may break. To make your stay as pleasant as possible, please let us know immediately if something is broken or needs to be repaired.

Internet: Casa Mango has a broadband internet connection with WLAN. The router is located near the television. But since we are on an island and about 1500 km away from the European continent, the signal delay can limit the viewing pleasure or streaming despite the high speed.

Waste disposal: Waste bins for houses 3-12, including Casa Mango, can be found on the right-hand side of Calle el Moral, walking down towards the Carlos Restaurant.

Eemergencies: In emergencies you dial 112. the hospital can be reached at 928 595 000. the police at 928 830 107.

Telephone: Casa Mango has a telephone connection. You can call us from there at any time.

TV: In the house there is a television set. Use the Samsung remote control to switch to receiver (HDMI2) or to receive local television. If you want to use the UK movie package, please select HDMI 2 with the remote control and switch off the box and the TV after use to avoid overheating.

Skylight in the shower: The skylight in the shower can be opened or closed using the metal hook.

Smoking: If you want to smoke, use the garden or the terrace. Please also think about a careful disposal of your cigarettes.

Water supply: Tap water can be used safely for cooking or brushing teeth. As all tap water in Lanzarote is produced from desalinated sea water, it can differ in taste from normal drinking water. The authorities regard tap water as safe for consumption. But as we cannot give any guarantee for the transport routes, we do not want to give any recommendation here. In the grocery stores you can buy drinking water in 2 or 8 litre containers.

Hot water boiler: Casa Mango has an electric hot water heating system. The hot water boiler is located at the bottom right at the entrance of the guest shower.

Bedroom: Two, one of which is a bedroom with a double bed, a small bedroom with two single beds

Bathrooms: One full bath, outdoor shower, small shower bath / guest WC

Kitchen: Electric cooker, oven, sink, microwave, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, dishes & cutlery, kettle, coffee machine

Living room: Sofa, armchair, TV/cable receiver

Terrace: Seating area, lounge sofa


Garden: Deck chairs, barbecue

Parking spaces in front of the house

Basic equipment:

Bed linen, towels, toilet paper, soap


Wifi and broadband connection

Hair dryer

Washing machine

Clothes horse

Heating fan

Smoke detector / fire detector

First Aid Kit