Casa Mango Arrival Information

OK, driver ready!? Navigator ready!? Let’s go!


Calle El Moral 3, Casa 11, Las Coloradas 21 (San Marcial de Rubicon), 35580 Playa Blanca – Yaiza, Las Palmas, Lanzarote, Espana

Directions from the airport to Casa Mango:

Playa Blanca is the southernmost point of Lanzarote. From the airport, head south towards Yaiza. As you can see on the map, there is more than one way to get there. The easiest route is the LZ2 road to Playa Blanca, which we have listed below. The other route is over the mountain through the village of Femes. It is a beautiful scenic route that you can explore once you have settled in.

Link zu Google Maps.

The next link below shows the directions in Playa Blanca. Please note that Google maps may show Calle el Moral incorrectly, but Casa Mango is there diagonally opposite the Hotel Tacande Bocayna Village. Some navigation devices might send you to the dead end where Calle el Moral is shown on the Google map.

Link zu Google Maps.

You know you are in Playa Blanca when you come to the roundabout with the windmill. Go straight over the roundabout.

Sie sind in Playa Blanca

Continue straight ahead over another roundabout.


You are now almost at the seafront, keep left at the mini roundabout and continue through the old town towards Las Coloradas.

Drive past the church and continue following the signs to Las Coloradas.

Continue to Las Coloradas

Drive straight ahead over the mini roundabout.

straight ahead Marina Rubicon

At the roundabout called Ciudad Jardin, turn right towards Papagayo. 

turn right in Ciudad Jardin

Go over the mini roundabout, past the San Marcial Del Rubicon sign on the right and straight over another mini roundabout. 

straight ahead San Marcial del Rubicon
again straight ahead
next street turn right

Turn right and then take the first street on the left. At the beginning of Calle El Moral there is a Facility Management A1.   


As you drive up the road, the house is the fifth on the left, opposite Tacande Bocayana Village.

Casa Mango

You will see our Casa Mango sign on the wall. Take the side path to reach the main entrance. The key safe is on the wall, below the house number (11).


You have arrived, enjoy your stay 🙂


It is mandatory for guests travelling to Lanzarote to register with the Spanish Ministry of the Interior. To make this process as easy as possible for you, we use the service of

You will receive the code for the safe shortly before your arrival and after registering electronically on the VillaCheckIn portal.

There is a key safe on the wall next to the entrance door. There is 1 key and it is suitable for courtyard entrance, front door, terrace door and sliding door. Please leave the keys in the safe when you finish your holiday.

Check in/out times:

The standard check-in time is at 4pm and check-out at 10am. Subject to other guests’ arrival times, we can offer more flexible check-in/out. Please contact us for details.

Your data:

For registration and security, please send us details of your arrival time, full guest name, home address, email and telephone number 21 days before your arrival to ensure preregistration.

It would also be helpful for our cleaning team if you would please let us know your arrival and departure dates and times.



Kurt’s mobile: +49 (0) 176-92612675

Silke’s mobile: +49 (0) 160-9382232

Police registration:

It is mandatory for guests travelling to Lanzarote to register electronically.
To make this procedure as easy as possible for you, we use the service of We will contact you in good time to ensure registration.

The service complies with the European Data Protection Regulation and only the necessary data is transmitted and stored in encrypted form.
You will then receive the access code to the house at the latest one day before arrival.

Happy holidays! Silke und Kurt 🙂