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Willkommen in unserem Ferienhaus auf Lanzarote - Welcome to our holiday villa

Month: July 2021

Useful Information

Welcome to Casa Mango!

Welcome to Lanzarote! We wish you a wonderful holiday in Lanzarote. If we can be of any assistance during your stay, please contact us:


Kurt’s mobile: +49 (0) 176-92 61 26 75

Silke’s mobile: +49 (0) 160-93 82 23 21

Landline: +49 (0) 4202-9 10 00 60


928 52 42 22


Please dial 112 for ambulance, fire brigade or police.


928 81 00 00

Local Police station Yaiza:

928 83 26 10

Telefone number from Casa Mango:

(O034) 928 51 88 34

You can dial all local telephone numbers here free of charge and also receive calls from friends and family.


The router is right next to the TV. The internet connection is called Casa Mango, the code for the free WIFI is happyholidays.

TV and Projector:

We have Amazon streaming in our house. The Fire TV Stick used for this is set to English by default.

(Due to the strong sunlight, the LED projector can only be used meaningfully at dusk).

After you have selected a film in Amazon Prime, both subtitles and audio language can be adjusted to your needs via the remote control.

To do this, use the middle button with the circle. This allows you to navigate the programmes with up, down, left, right as well as confirm their selection (middle button).

Information regarding TV:

For Spanish channels, simply use the Samsung remote control.


Choose source & TV

For Streaming:

Use Source & HDMI 1:

You can switch the TV on and off with the Samsung or FireTV remote control.

Instruction for the projector:

Switch the projector on and off using the Amazon remote control. You can also use this remote control to adjust the volume.

To turn the projector on/off and adjust the volume, hold the remote control on the lens of the projector.

For TV:

In the Amazon Prime Zattoo app you will find some English as well as Spanish programmes, but mainly German programmes.


Then operate the Firestick with the black remote control.

Attention! Do not confuse the Amazon Firestick remote control for TV and projector!

Do you still need help? Just give us a call!


The fuses are behind the picture in the kitchen.

Water supply

You can use the tap water well for cooking and brushing your teeth. It can also be used for hot drinks, although you sometimes notice a slight chlorine taste. Bottled water is therefore recommended for drinking. The main water tap is under the kitchen sink.

The skylight in the shower room

Can be opened and closed with the metal rod (which is also in this room).

Hot water

The boiler is located above the washing machine.

Important: the sand!

The Papagayo beaches don’t have showers (that’s why we like them so much). So we urge you to always use the outdoor shower to rinse off the sand – even if it’s just from your feet.

The sewage pipes of the Canary Islands clog very quickly, which then leads to big and expensive upsets.


On Lanzarote, the nights are very rarely cold, but should you ever find it too chilly, you will find radiators and also extra blankets in the cupboards.

Waste disposal

The rubbish containers are on your side of the road, a bit further towards Facilities Management A1. There are also recycling bins, those are the coloured ones there on the other side of the road, just by the pedestrian crossing.



We urge you not to smoke in the house and to dispose of butts considerately. 


It is very important to us that you feel comfortable at Casa Mango. Please inform us immediately if any problems occur. We will then take care of fixing them as soon as possible.

Departure and key

Check-out is by 10:00, but if you need more time and no other guests are arriving, we are happy to accommodate you. Please leave all keys in the key safe.



Turn right at A1 Facility Management and then left at the roundabout, towards the city centre. Hiperdino is on the left.

Papagayo Beaches

Mit dem Auto

the road, turn right and then take the first left. Drive along the dusty road until you see a checkpoint on the right, where a small fee of 3 euros is charged to get to Playas Papagayo. There are numerous beaches to explore here.

A walk?

Go down the road to Facilities Management A1, where you turn left, and then left again to the commercial centre. Follow the signs to Playas Papagayo. There is no checkpoint or charge for pedestrians.

Playa Blanca Küstenpromenade

Turn left at the A1 property management and walk straight down to the sea. If you have a lot of energy, you can walk from one end of Playa Blanca to the other.

The beautiful Rubicon Marina with elegant designer shops and great restaurants is only a 20-minute walk away. From there to the old town is another walk of about 20 minutes, and the great views are all free.

Public transport

Turn left at Facility Management A1; the bus stop is there on the left.

Places of interest

There are so many fabulous places to visit on this island (including our neighbours on Fuerteventura and La Graciosa). For information or personal recommendations, why not give us a call?

Enjyo your stay!

Silke and Kurt 🙂


If you were not satisfied with our service, please record your complaint in this form.

Welcome to Casa Mango

Casa Mango Arrival Information

OK, driver ready!? Navigator ready!? Let’s go!


Calle El Moral 3, Casa 11, Las Coloradas 21 (San Marcial de Rubicon), 35580 Playa Blanca – Yaiza, Las Palmas, Lanzarote, Espana

Directions from the airport to Casa Mango:

Playa Blanca is the southernmost point of Lanzarote. From the airport, head south towards Yaiza. As you can see on the map, there is more than one way to get there. The easiest route is the LZ2 road to Playa Blanca, which we have listed below. The other route is over the mountain through the village of Femes. It is a beautiful scenic route that you can explore once you have settled in.

Link zu Google Maps.

The next link below shows the directions in Playa Blanca. Please note that Google maps may show Calle el Moral incorrectly, but Casa Mango is there diagonally opposite the Hotel Tacande Bocayna Village. Some navigation devices might send you to the dead end where Calle el Moral is shown on the Google map.

Link zu Google Maps.

You know you are in Playa Blanca when you come to the roundabout with the windmill. Go straight over the roundabout.

Sie sind in Playa Blanca

Continue straight ahead over another roundabout.


You are now almost at the seafront, keep left at the mini roundabout and continue through the old town towards Las Coloradas.

Drive past the church and continue following the signs to Las Coloradas.

Continue to Las Coloradas

Drive straight ahead over the mini roundabout.

straight ahead Marina Rubicon

At the roundabout called Ciudad Jardin, turn right towards Papagayo. 

turn right in Ciudad Jardin

Go over the mini roundabout, past the San Marcial Del Rubicon sign on the right and straight over another mini roundabout. 

straight ahead San Marcial del Rubicon
again straight ahead
next street turn right

Turn right and then take the first street on the left. At the beginning of Calle El Moral there is a Facility Management A1.   


As you drive up the road, the house is the fifth on the left, opposite Tacande Bocayana Village.

Casa Mango

You will see our Casa Mango sign on the wall. Take the side path to reach the main entrance. The key safe is on the wall, below the house number (11).


You have arrived, enjoy your stay 🙂


There is a key safe on the wall next to the entrance door. You will receive the code at the airport when you arrive in Terminal 2 at counter 20 of There is 1 key and it is suitable for courtyard entrance, front door, terrace door and sliding door. Please leave the keys in the safe when you finish your holiday.

Check in/out times:

The standard check-in time is at 4pm and check-out at 10am. Subject to other guests’ arrival times, we can offer more flexible check-in/out. Please contact us for details.

Your data:

For registration and security, please send us details of your arrival time, full guest name, home address, email and telephone number again 21 days before your arrival.

It would also be helpful for our cleaning team if you would please let us know your arrival and departure dates and times.



Kurt’s mobile: +49 (0) 176-92612675

Silke’s mobile: +49 (0) 160-9382232

Police registration:

For guests entering Lanzarote it is obligatory to register with the Guardia Civil.
To make this procedure as easy as possible for you, we have been using the service of since this January.

You will find Villa Check-in in Terminal 2 at counter 20 (opposite Alltours). To get there, turn right coming out of the arrivals hall. will electronically record your identity cards and transmit the data to the Guardia Civil.
The service is in accordance with the European Data Protection Regulation and only the necessary data is transmitted and stored in encrypted form.
After registration, a Villa Check-in employee hands out the access code to the key safe.

We need your help:
To ensure that the Villa Check-in desk is manned, we need your flight number and estimated time of arrival for pre-registration. Please let us know in good time and at least 21 days before your arrival.

Happy holidays! Silke und Kurt 🙂